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Your Multi-State Supply Chain Partner


expand into new markets with vessel

Get access to our local and regional partners:

  • Top-Farmers 

  • Proven White-Label Manufacturers

  • Multiple Distribution Partners

  • Product Placement Program

  • In-State Compliance Teams

Founded in 2015, Vessel is a distribution and supply-chain technology company that contributes from seed through distribution.  Vessel provides a wide range of market entry solutions for the brands of the future.

We offer our partners a modern multi-state supply chain that allows our customers to minimize their infrastructure needs so they can expand their brands with confidence.

About Vessel


Our NextGen Genetics will ensure your brands can tap into top tier genetics. 


We understand the needs of brands in a developing market.


We integrate manufacturing into crop and supply chain management.



We utilize our retail distribution partners to add value to both farms and brands.

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