EC 54

EC 54

Average days to harvest from sowing is late September @ 42° latitude, with a CBD-THC ratio between 24:1 to 32:1 and total maximum cannabinoid potential around 18%.  The aroma profile is dominated by fresh cherry and the plants grow stout and bushy with tight node spacing.  Average plant size is approximately 5’h x 4’d with a recommended planting density (field production): 4800 plants/acre.  Warning: Under optimal conditions this plant can produce over.3% THC.

  • Photo-Period Type

    ‘Early Harvest’ of high CBD, photoperiodic hemp varieties currently include  distinct cultivars that are earlier to harvest than most high CBD hemp varieties on the market.

    Upon short day flower initiation, plants are typically ready to harvest, on average, in 8-9 weeks, depending on variety, environmental and cultural conditions.

  • Growth Timeline

    • Seedling – Emergence occurs 2-5 days following sowing, seedlings are ready to transplant 14-28 days after sowing
    • Vegetative – Period of immature development prior to flower initiation and visible bud .
    • Visible Bud – Occurs approximately 30 days following germinatio
    • Harvest – 75 to 90 days after germination
    • Visible Bud – When flower buds are first visible; in field at 42-degree latitude occurs between July 20 and August 5; in light deprivation condition occurs approximately two weeks following induction of long nights. 
  • Light Requirements

    Transition from 250-300 µmol/m2 /s to 500-600 µmol/m2 /s over a course of 3-5 days to reduce transplant shock. To maintain vegetative growth daylength should be 18h with a 30 DLI. Time for vegetative growth is desired final plant size dependent. Flowering daylength is recommended at 12h with a 30 DLI.

  • Fertilization

    At transplant fertigate with a complete fertilizer at 100 ppm N. Approximately 5 days following transplantation increase to 150-200 ppm Nitrogen balanced with Potassium (1.6-2.0 mS/cm EC). After visible bud decrease N to 125-150 ppm and increase K to 175-225 ppm depending on environment and water quality. Calcium is needed for oral development. Periodically irrigate media with clear water to reduce salt content.

  • Plant Density

    Optimal planting density based on container size and number of days of vegetative growth; generally, recommend 2.25-4 sq. ft. per plant

  • Max CBD


  • Days to Harvest

    Late September


  • CBD-THC Ratio

    24:1 to 32:1