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Vessel's history

California's first mutual benefit distributor, Vessel Logistics was founded in December 2015 as the wholesale and fulfillment division of S2S Development.  Vessel wholesaled products from over 130 Northern California cannabis farms and supplied over 60 brands and manufacturers with flower, trim, hash, and crude oil.  


In 2017, Vessel launched its Data Analytics & Consulting Program to help its farmers and manufacturers increase yields and efficiency in preparation for a regulated California market.  Over the next three years, Vessel was able to compile the largest and most diverse verified supply-side data set in cannabis and leveraged that data to the benefit of its industry partners.


As its data set grew larger and its analytics more predictive, Vessel identified opportunities to increase supply-side efficiency and bypass existing bottlenecks. Vessel began to develop or acquire intellectual property effective at streamlining 11 processes from planting through extraction.  including the first High-Performance Liquid Nitrogen Processing machines (HPLNP) able to process 3000+ Lbs. per shift at 90%-95% leaf removal and Terpene Mixing Algorithms that can standardize flavors in multiple product types and across multiple markets.

In 2019, S2S internalized Vessel’s distribution and logistics segments and spun off its Data Analytics Division as an independent consulting company.  The new Vessel Logistics consulting business pivoted away from cannabis operators to focus on consulting for financial institutions: investment banks, PE, and VCs.  At this time, Vessel began publishing California's Cannabis Harvest Projections, which have been credited with adjusting many common misconceptions related to supply and demand dynamics, regional and methodological differentiation of production costs, and the impact of the non-regulated market on licensed companies.

In 2021 Vessel was acquired by Standard Oil of California to form the first multi-state supply-side management and distribution company in the US.  This partnership combines the experience and intellectual property of Vessel Logistics with Standard Oil’s top-tier brands and distributorship, including Kandypens, Blem, Deuces, and The House of GAIA.

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